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"For over a year I spun in circles looking for help for my daughter.  After being directed to Pediatric Psychologists, I was finally able to get a diagnosis and a road for treatment.  The caring duo of clinicians Gabe and Kelly Griffin are sensitive, honest, down to earth and passionate about helping children and families."    
 - Melissa

"A little over a year ago, we sought help from Gabe and Kelly’s practice to help our son get completely potty trained. At the very first meeting, Gabe gave us insight into our son’s personality traits, and he put in to words things that we inherently knew about our little guy, but could never quite vocalize ourselves. This was huge for us because it helped us to understand our son better, and it also helped us to implement the treatment with a level of compassion and kindness that we might not have otherwise used, if it were not for Gabe’s wisdom and understanding.

Gabe treated our son with nothing but kindness, compassion, understanding, and most importantly, dignity. He was always encouraging of our son, and never treated him as if he were “abnormal” or a “problem.” After two to three months of treatment, our son was completely potty trained, and had gained confidence in himself that he did not have before treatment. And we’ve not had a problem in over a year.

One thing I have always appreciated about Gabe and Kelly’s practice is the level of understanding and encouragement they offer the parents seeking treatment for a child. As parents, it is very humbling to admit that professional help is needed. Gabe always treated us with the same understanding, encouragement, and dignity he gave our son. We always walked away from each treatment session feeling better about ourselves as parents, and more equipped to face the challenges of our situation. 

As we have come across other parents in difficult situations with their children, we have unashamedly shared our experience and told them about Gabe and Kelly’s practice. Gabe and Kelly have a God-given gift of helping children and parents through very trying circumstances, and we highly recommend them to anyone who needs help."


Pediatric Psychologists of West Michigan has been a blessing to our family for a few reasons.  First, their approach is relational.  For not only us, but for our children, we never feel as if our sessions are “clinical”.  Instead, with each visit, it seems as if we’re talking to a mentor or friend.  Secondly, unlike many psychologists, instead of giving us unusable theory, PPWM gives us real-life techniques that we are able to put into practice the next day.  Finally, the results have been amazing.  A calmer home and a closer family. We’re so grateful for Pediatric Psychologists of West Michigan.